Why Not?

There are two types of homework problems:

  1. Homework problems you will get right. Assigning these is pointless, since you can already do them. You learn nothing from such problems.

  2. Homework problems you will get wrong. Assigning these is also pointless, since you will just practice doing them wrong, and thus build bad habits.

If you want to train at home, we recommend Vocabulary Synapse, or our other Synapse programs, designed for at-home training. 

Vohra Method worksheets are designed to be done one problem at a time, reviewed by a Vohra Method instructor at the end of each question. After each question, we determine what responsive worksheets to give. Each question builds on the skills of the previous questions. Doing them in a row, half wrong, at home will do plenty of harm and no good.

To use an analogy: you can work out at home. But you shouldn't do surgery on yourself at home.

Similarly, you can, and should, do Synapse programs at home. But you should do Vohra Method worksheets during class.