The individualization of tutoring. The affordability of group classes.

The Vohra Method is a completely individualized, rigorous, hands-on approach to education. It finds and corrects each student’s gaps, develops problem-solving skills, and dramatically improves grades and SAT scores.

You can’t figure out an advanced SAT problem (or school problem) if you are missing important prerequisites. The Vohra Method fixes those gaps with our nonlinear curriculum.

For example, if a student misses a factoring step in a math problem, he then does a factoring worksheet. The worksheet starts with prerequisites, moves on to intermediate problems, and then to advanced problems straight from the test. The same method works for reading; we help students with grammar foundations, intermediate reading skills, and then complete reading passages. By learning the material hands-on (instead of just sitting through a lecture), the student gains rigorous understanding and real confidence in his own abilities.


That’s why every step of every math, reading, and grammar problem is checked in a Vohra Method class. We don’t just check answers against an answer key. We check each step in each math problem, and require that students show evidence and analysis for each reading problem. If there is even the slightest problem in any step or explanation, we address the situation.

This rigorous foundation allows students to solve advanced problems. Additionally, because each student works at his or her maximum pace, no student has to hurry up or slow down to match some arbitrary pace. With its individualized approach, flexible pacing, and rigorous attention to fundamentals, the Vohra Method is the pinnacle of individualization in education.

About Arvin Vohra

Watch this video for a brief history of the Vohra Method, its techniques, and its success.

Arvin Vohra is the creator of the Vohra Method, and the founder of Arvin Vohra Education. His educational programs have transformed the lives of countless students, and he has inspired audiences nationwide through his speeches, books, and community outreach programs.

Arvin’s passion for educational innovation began while he was studying at the Landon School in Bethesda, MD. Frustrated by the limitations he perceived in standard education, he began to test the limits of a different type of approach. He learned algebra in a few weeks to advance a level in math, and even attended college courses as early as eighth grade. In high school, he received a score of 5 on 10 AP exams to become an AP National Scholar. For 6 of those exams, he did not take the corresponding AP class, and instead relied on intensive outside study. He was also a National Merit Finalist, with the highest SAT and PSAT scores in his graduating class. On the SAT, he received a score of 790 on both the math and verbal sections. He also received a perfect score of 800 on both the Math IIc and Chemistry SAT II tests. For his efforts he was awarded the Rensselaer Medal for Math and Science in his Junior year. During this time, Arvin worked actively as a tutor for younger students, most notably at the North Chevy Chase Elementary School.

Arvin attended Brown University, where his passion for educational innovation continued to grow. He worked as a tutor and teacher as part of the Wheeler School’s Aerie Program. At Wheeler, he designed accelerated and nontraditional curricula for students ranging from second to eighth grade. Later, he worked as a consultant for the Hamilton Institute for Learning Differences. After graduating from Brown University with a B.Sc. in mathematics and a B.A. in economics, he received perfect scores on both the GRE and the GMAT, finishing each test with well over an hour to spare. He also passed two actuarial exams in a single testing period while working as an actuary at GEICO.

His books include The Equation for Excellence: How to Make Your Child Excel at Math, and Lies, Damned Lies, and College Admissions.


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