At most jobs, it’s obvious what “Show up for Work” means. At Vohra, it’s a little tougher to pinpoint. So, below you will find our expectations for work attendance and reliability.

You must be on a functional desktop or laptop computer, NOT a phone.

If your computer has major and consistent issues, you’ll need to buy a new one. This is an entirely online business. You can’t come in on a phone or a crappy computer. Uber, the rideshare company, has standards for their cars. They don’t let you transport customers on a crappy, rusty bicycle. We have standards for computer speed and reliability. If you want to be an instructor with us, then you need at least 4Gb RAM and Windows 8 (or higher) or Mac OS. When you have all that, you will be able to fully utilize our intricate systems and provide the best classes possible to your students!

Remember, these students are used to being ignored and forgotten in the backs of classrooms. We are not that. We pay attention to the tiniest of details in the students’ learning so that they can get the best learning experience possible. In order to do that, we need instructors who are supported and benefited by their technology!

You must have at least 50mbps upload and download speed.

Again, everything we do is online. A slow connection will mean that you won’t be able to respond immediately, you may not be able to run video, you may experience delays when sending files. All of that translates to a lesser experience for the student. Our goal is to give the student the best possible experience, every single time they come in. In order to do that, we need all instructors to be operating at max speed. So, get closer to your router, buy an ethernet cable or a wifi booster, do whatever you need to do to make sure that you can be immediately responsive for every step of your students’ educational journeys!

You must be on video in the room.

We need the students to see who we are. The students love those moments when they make you laugh and they can see you laugh! It’s part of that critical human element that is missing in online classes, and that we seek to create whenever we possibly can. When you’re in, you can tell jokes and share that laughter and joy, instead of just sharing “lol”. It has a massive impact on the students, and even sometimes the instructors!

Furthermore, in order to be an effective instructor, you need to use the data that you have available. The student’s level of distraction and emotional state are crucial aspects of the learning process. You can pick up on those things in the video room as well. If the student doesn’t laugh at your jokes, then they might be stressed out or grumpy (or… you’re just not that funny…)

Your video background must be presentable.

If students look at your video and they see a blank wall or a bookshelf, that’s good. If they see people walking around behind you, that’s not great. That will be a distraction to the student. If they see a super messy room… That doesn’t say good things about our business. So, think of your video background as the setting for the most important interview of your life. Anything that you would keep out of your video for an important interview should be kept out of your video for class time.

You must be somewhere that allows you to communicate easily over Uberconference.

If you are at a rave, that’s not going to work (obviously). If you are in a very noisy or busy place, that may also not work. Keep in mind that a large part of your job is communication with your fellow instructors and your Lead. “Coming in for work” but being totally unable to communicate via Uberconference is the exact same as not coming in for work at all. If there’s too much background noise, find a different location for class time.

You must have reasonably good headphones/mic.

If your headphones echo back very badly or distort the sound from your end, we will ask you to find a different solution. If you want to call into Uberconference on your phone with your fancy phone headphones, that’s fine. If you want to buy a gaming headset, that’s fine too. If your cheap-o earbuds work super great, that’s awesome. But, if anything doesn’t work, you’ll need to get something better. (Remember, you can write off all business expenses on your taxes because you’re an Independent Contractor!)

Here’s what Arvin and Chelsey use.
Here’s something that’s also super good. (Note the Swivel-to-Mute feature! That’s super useful.)

You must be in an actual place, not transporting yourself from one place to another.

If you are in transport, there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to. Bus transfers, metro stops, walking directions, not running into people. That means all of that attention is not being paid to the student. But, we want our students to receive 120% of our attention! Furthermore, you can’t come into class on a phone, so working during transit wouldn’t be possible anyways.

When you are setting your availability, keep the above rules in mind.

If you think you could make it in for class, but you would be on the bus on a cell phone, then that means you actually CANNOT make it into class. You should set yourself as UNavailable for that day.

If you think you might be able to make it in to class, but you can’t be on video because there will be a party happening in the background, then that means you actually CANNOT make it into class on that day. Again, set yourself as UNavailable.

These rules in place to benefit the students and the face of the business. You are all constantly representatives of our brand, and YOU are the reason students will come back to us! So, make sure you are both professional and warm, fully technologically capable and mentally ready to take on the challenges of transforming the minds of our students.

This job is about the education of children who need dedication and excellence from their instructors. If you can’t meet the above criteria for coming into class, you can work on other projects during the same times. That’s why it’s good to have side projects! If you don’t have a side project, get in touch with Chelsey.