Classical Rigor. Modern Dominance.

Every private school claims to prepare students for leadership, and then gives students a math education behind that in every Asian nation, an English program that teaches no writing skill other than literary analysis, and no media or public speaking training at all.

At Vohra Academy, you don’t just train with the most rigorous math and science curriculum in the world. From your first year, you begin to train for on camera speeches, debates, and interviews. You develop the critical understanding of history, literature, and philosophy that forms the foundation for serious business, political, or intellectual leadership. You develop the writing skills required for fiction, poetry, or non-fiction success.

Our individualized, hands-on approach guarantees thorough mastery of any topic, and develops the cognitive abilities and inner confidence that will help you rise to the top in class and in life.


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Vohra Academy’s rigorous math program surpasses those found in Asia and Europe, and makes a laughingstock out of math programs found at supposedly “elite” American academies. At Vohra, it’s common to see 12 and 13 year olds mastering calculus, dominating the AP Calculus BC Exam, and earning perfect or near perfect SAT and SAT Math Level 2 scores.


By default, our science program is 5 years ahead of those in other schools. Instead of wasting grades 3-8 on childish, cutesy, pretend science, we start the real thing right at the beginning. Our students are often ready to dominate AP and SAT level II Biology, Chemistry, and Physics tests by age 14.


Most English departments teach only one kind of writing: literary criticism. They don’t teach you to write fiction, nonfiction, persuasive writing, how-to, or any other kind of commercially relevant writing. At other schools, you learn to placate English teachers.  At Vohra, you will learn to inspire and entertain audiences with your writing.

Become Tomorrow's Elite.