How we can help:

First, we can turn a "D" or "C" or "B" paper into an "A+".

Then, we can give you a full breakdown of writing deficiencies that your child should work on to be prepared for next year's English classes, for college, and for life.

And then, of course, we can fix those deficiencies.

Most of our students are told in school that a thesis is a thing you think might be true, or just vaguely hope is true. The rest of our students usually have no idea what a thesis is supposed to be at all. And the few students who know what a thesis should be, end up writing something too broad, too confusing, or too verbose, or all three.

We know that writing isn't taught well in schools today, so we created two full curricula to teach both creative writing and rhetoric. Businesses today complain constantly that their new hires can't string two sentences together to communicate a single thought. With the writing skills we build, businesses will be begging your child to work for them.

We have combined grammar practice, integrated spelling checkpoints, analysis of writing, and individual writing practice to create a comprehensive course in persuasive writing that will prepare students for politics, business leadership, entrepreneurship, or a career as a best-selling novelist.


Group Class Writing

Work through a series of carefully selected writing exercises, individual skill building techniques, and a variety of writing types, all with the constant guidance of your instructor.

Private Tutoring for Writing

Analyze mistakes on a past assignment, or get help forming a thesis statement and cohesive ideas for a new paper. Along the way, learn to develop better writing techniques that they just don't teach you in school.

Instructor Review

Short on time? We can mark up your paper and send it back to you in just a couple days. You'll get full revisions and guidance on how to better develop and present your ideas and strengthen your thesis and conclusion.


Written Excellence Awaits.