Only What’s Important

When it comes to calculus, less is more. Thoroughly mastering a small number of concepts works; frittering away focus on a bunch of frippery, doesn’t.

Every year, we work with many students who have memorized unimportant things, while forgetting the things that matter. We’ve had students that have memorized tabular integration methods for integration by parts...but forgotten the product rule. We’ve seen students who have memorized formulas related to Newton’s method - but have forgotten that a derivative tells the slope of a tangent line.

In our group classes, we only offer the most important topics. Each topic is taught in a minimalistic, rigorous way. We use our own Vohra Method worksheets and College Board AP questions in preparation for the AP AB or BC Calculus exam.

The topics we offer in group class are:

  1. Limits and Continuity Basics

  2. Definition of a Derivative

  3. Product, Chain, Quotient Rules

  4. Implicit Differentiation

  5. Related Rates

  6. Antiderivatives

  7. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

  8. U Substitutions

  9. Integration By Parts

  10. Volumes

  11. Taylor Series

  12. Integration by Separation of Variables

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