What is the Guarantee?

If you complete the Checklist, and you don't get above 1500, or get a 300 point improvement, you get the next level of training for free. Post-Checklist Vohra is a 9- to 12-month intensive program, even more intense than our standard program. Post-Checklist Vohra is not a repeat of the main program. It is more like an "AP" level of the program. It is as much harder and more intensive than our regular program as an AP chemistry program is more intensive than a regular chemistry program.

While it is much harder, it is free for as long as you need to master the required SAT skills. We will continue your training free of charge for several months until you are ready for another SAT test attempt. If you still don’t get a 1500+ or 300 point improvement, then we will complete further training after that.


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Group Class:

Private Tutoring:
$200/hr with Founder Arvin Vohra or Managing Director Chelsey Snyder
$100/hr with other Vohra Elite Tutors

What the Guarantee Is Not

The guarantee is not a money-back guarantee. That type of guarantee would create a problematic incentive, as it would literally give students a financial motivation to do poorly. These kinds of backwards incentives are irresponsible and likely to backfire. 

Instead, our guarantee involves more work for the student. From the student's standpoint, it's more of a threat than a guarantee! Students know, consciously and subconsciously, that if they do less than their absolute 100% best, they may have an additional year of SAT training. Even the most recalcitrant student, faced with that, is extremely unlikely to sabotage their own score for any psychological reason.

The guarantee is also an offer of free Vohra group classes. Not free private tutoring.

How Likely am I to Need the Guarantee?

Less than 5% of our students need the guarantee, since our program is so intensive. There's no way to know for sure if you specifically will need to use the guarantee. Thus, you should always, no matter what, plan to finish 9-12 months before the latest test date. If you don't leave yourself time to use the guarantee, the guarantee basically becomes meaningless!

There are some cases that increase your likelihood of needing to use our guarantee. If you have struggled a lot with either math or reading, it makes it more likely that you'll use the guarantee. If you have major difficulties with anxiety or focus, it also makes it more likely. If you have a math phobia, that also makes it more likely. 

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What's Outside of Our Area of Expertise?

Unusually high anxiety can make our program take much longer, or even not work at all. We're not talking about normal test jitters, but rather unusually high anxiety. If you are suffering from extreme anxiety, you should consult with a mental health professional before or during your training. While we work to help students achieve the calm needed to score well, curing extreme anxiety is outside the scope of our expertise. However, students who get the help they need to cope with anxiety can also get major benefits from our program.

The general mechanism of the guarantee still applies - if your score doesn't go up, you can do the additional training for free. However, if you're having panic attacks when you enter a test center, no amount of math or reading training is going to fix that! Extreme anxiety, particularly anxiety with physical manifestations (panic attacks, blurred vision, speech issues, etc.), may make the learning process take much longer or not work at all.

Other major psychological or neurological conditions make our program not work. If you are receiving treatment for any psychological or neurological condition, including any daily medication, it's probably significant enough to affect training speed and effectiveness. The usual guarantee mechanism still applies, but the issues may be outside of our area of expertise.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you can let us know about any such conditions. We will do everything we can to work with you and your child to overcome any struggle. If you'd prefer not to, just be aware that our program takes several months to complete for straight A honors students in standard AP courses (non-IEP). It takes other students even longer. We have seen students with major difficulties take several years to complete the training.

We love challenges and find it exciting to work with students who think unusually or are facing difficulties. However, this will always affect the cost and likelihood of success of the program.


What Can Affect Training Time?

Level of focus is the single most likely thing to affect training time. If you are listening to music during class, for example, expect the length of training time to triple, at least. If you are being interrupted by family members (including parents) frequently, expect it to double. If you are being distracted by chat messages, multiply training time by 5. If you're watching videos or TV in the background, you may never finish.

Our problems are very challenging. They are designed to push your brain past its current limits. They will require 100% of your ability. If you give one of our problems 100%, you'll probably figure it out in 30 minutes or so. If you give it 90%, it will probably take a month. 

Vohra Method isn't magic. It's well designed, intelligently targeted, hard work. But when you are trying to get top 1% scores, a bare minimum necessity is top 1% focus.