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The Vohra method instills a true and lasting understanding of the material being covered. Allow your child or student plenty of time to complete the program, because Arvin and his staff will make sure that all gaps in knowledge are filled in!
— Nancy M.
The Vohra method instills a true and lasting understanding of the material being covered. Allow your child or student plenty of time to complete the program, because Arvin and his staff will make sure that all gaps in knowledge are filled in!
— Ellen S.
I strongly recommend Vohra method. My girls participate in their group sessions, in addition to some private lessons. We originally signed up in order to fill in academic “gaps” that were holding them back at school. Now we use the time to solidify their skills and move them into new material. This is not regular tutoring. This is a special method that is tailored to each student’s needs and learning style. The time spent in class is very productive — not only for building academic skills, but also for building confidence. It is a very positive environment and all of the teachers are committed to helping the students succeed.
— Asha S.
I was referred to Arvin by a true friend. She cared to share her methods for helping her sons achieve their potential. Now my children benefit from Arvin and his methods. He coaches the students in good thought practice in addition to appropriate academic principles. We use a combination of online and face-to-face sessions. I highly recommend it!!
— Raechell W.
This tutoring service has helped my high school student maintain straight A’s. She has been using it for 3 years, and we highly recommend it for anyone who wants to dominate their school!
— Robin Z.
We have been working with Arvin for two months and my son loves to with with this method.
— Sanjay B.
This is not Kaplan or Princeton Review. This is an intensive one on one tutoring service, he just tutors everyone at the same time. He’s literally the Bobby Fischer of teaching. I am currently receiving LSAT tutoring from Arvin and I have seen a vast improvement in my test taking abilities after only 1 week of learning. He is starting a homeschooling service and I will send my future children to it.

He’s a professional genius, not some education major who needs a job until her husband gets promoted or until he or she gets into law school, bluntly put. I wish his school existed when I was a kid, I would be a much smarter person today. His outlook on education is refreshing. So often in high school I thought they were just filling up the curriculum with nonsense, which did everything but motivate me to learn. And I went to the “number one school in Maryland” (US News and World Report)!

Parents, send your children to Arvin Vohra and watch them reach their full potential. The man not only knows everything, but can teach it better than anyone. And his vision and life work speaks volumes about his character, which after a 5 minute chat with him will inspire you. I both wish this company the best of luck, and know it won’t need it.
— Nima G.
Arvin is extremely intelligent and the group classes are a great deal for the hourly rate - you learn a ton!
— Kim M.
Arvin helped me with the SAT, AP calculus, and recently with GMAT prep. Never has someone explained math concepts to me so clearly - I’m convinced there’s nothing Arvin cannot teach. He understands the concepts so thoroughly that he can easily come up with multiple ways to explain them until one clicks.

I recommend his tutoring services without reservation. Arvin has an amazing mind. Not only is he a phenomenal teacher, but he also is a great guy to spend an hour with. He makes learning challenging math easier, and I always looked forward to our sessions.

If you want to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed, call in Arvin Vohra.
— Tom B.
Arvin Vohra is by far the best tutor I’ve ever had. I don’t think I could have survived AP calculus without him. When I first started Ap calc, I had a D and felt so lost in the class. But with Arvin’s help I managed to pull my grade up to a B 1st semester. Arvin explains the problems in a different way that made these incredibly hard problems almost look easy. He makes you view the problem in a completely different way. And for my second semester of AP calculus I ended up with an A all thanks to Arvin.
— Diana B.
Throughout high school, Arvin has helped me not only survive in the hardest classes (From AP level calc, physics, chem, and econ to SAT math, verbal and writing) but master the subject matter in a way I never thought possible. He has an inherent understanding of every concept I have asked him about and is able to present them in a way that allows for a complete understanding of the root of the question and the solution.

Cliche as it sounds, the difference between Arvin all other tutors I have been to is that Arvin teaches you how to fish whereas other tutors fish for you and hope you remember how to do it some day.

Moreover, he is actually just one of the most interesting, multidimensional, and funniest people I have ever met.
— Nal T.
I’d take a bullet for this guy.

’Nuff said.
— Graham W.
Arvin is the best tutor I have worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable, focused, and efficient. Prior to Arvin I worked briefly with other LSAT tutors, none of whom I continued with. These past tutors had me decide what I needed to work on; I was the leader and our meetings felt like ‘Question and Answer’ sessions. In my case, I wanted to be led because I didn’t know what I was doing incorrectly.

During our first session, Arvin evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and pinpointed my unproductive habits. Since then, he has taught me how to develop the skills needed to fully grasp complex reading material. The great part about Arvin’s comprehensive teaching style is that none of what I am learning will go to waste. Even after I complete the LSAT, I will continue to improve my reading abilities using AVE’s advanced reading methods.
— Tara I.
Even though my three daughters each learn very differently, Arvin Vohra helped all three achieve their academic goals in school. He was able to quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses and find ways to motivate them. He encouraged them to reach for more challenging classes and because of his tutoring they were able to succeed at a higher level than otherwise possible.
— BB B.
I was fortunate to have Arvin Vohra as my tutor throughout high school. I always struggled with math and when I was enrolled in AP calculus my senior year of high school, I knew I was going to need help.

Arvin was by far the best tutor I have ever worked with and could simplify problems so that someone who was math challenged like me could understand them. He helped me with my organizational skills so I could be more productive. Arvin would have me spread out my work so that I could clearly see each step of the problem.

Arvin demonstrated key methods that made it easier for me to grasp difficult concepts. He was able to work with students efficiently since he was so methodical in his technique. He quickly identified what my strengths and weaknesses were and tailored his teaching methods in a way that would enable me learn the best. Arvin can help any student enhance their learning and improve their grades.
— K.A. B.
Excellent tutor, teacher, and mentor. Helps with everything from the basics to the esoteric stuff. Very pragmatic and customized teaching style. Helped me achieve a near perfect SAT score with 200+ point improvement. Also taught me speed reading, and calculus. Best tutor I have worked with and exceptional individual. Highly recommended for ambitious students who want to do better and be more efficient learners.
— Akshay R.