The Requirements:

In order to do our group classes online, you absolutely must have the following:

  • A laptop or desktop computer (an iPad alone will not work).

  • A webcam that works (attending class without video is $5 more per hour).

  • Adobe PDF reader (you can download this for free here).

  • A room devoid of television, radio, pets, siblings, and other distractions.

The following can be useful during class but are not necessary.

  • An iPad, tablet, or laptop with a touch screen.

  • A cell phone with Skype app (for sending pictures if needed).

And that's all.

If you have a younger child, it's useful to teach them how to do copy (Ctrl+C or Command+C) and paste (Ctrl+V or Command+V) since we'll use that a lot in class. But we can also walk students through the basics of using their computer for intense studying.

The Benefits:

1. It's faster.

Skype is faster in ways that in person can't be. Sending worksheets is faster than printing them, and Skype allows us to use programs that make response times very fast. Skype also gives us and you a complete document of the questions asked throughout the lesson, so if we need to ask any followup questions, we can type them and students can take time to think and answer. You also have a record of everything you've ever done. In almost every way, Skype moves quicker than in person classes.

2. Control your environment.

Every students always has a 100% guaranteed silent work space because all other students can be muted in the video classroom. Each student can learn in the environment that is most suited to his or her comfort. That means learning Calculus just got a whole lot more manageable! 

3. You don't have to drive in the rain, the snow, or the sunshine.

You don't have to get bundled up and venture out into the cold. You don't have to get soaking wet coming to class. And even if it's sunny, sometimes you just don't have time to drive your kids to tutoring. That's ok, we come to you. We fit better into busy schedules than most other tutoring. We don't require chauffeuring, and of course we're available to students who are not local to our area and couldn't possibly make the drive.

To learn more, email us to set up an initial consultation.