Steven Wetzel currently serves as a part-time Lead Instructor for Vohra Method.  He started as an Instructor for Vohra Method in February of 2017 and became a Lead Instructor March of 2019.


Steven's passion for education began with his partnerships with educational NGOs and schools abroad through American University's Alternative Break programs. Through engaging with volunteers at SER Alzira de Aleluia in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and volunteering as a teacher assistant for Phuang Daw Oo Monastic High School in Mandalay, Myanmar, Steven saw firsthand the importance of critical thinking and independent thought as primary pillars of education not only in the face of slanted information and "fake news", but also for the continued growth and empowerment of the student to understand themselves and the world around them.

Steven attended American University and completed his Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics in December 2017, graduating with above a 3.7 GPA. Upon graduation, he accepted a job offer with Amazon.com as an Operations Area Manager I for Wednesday through Saturday overnight shifts beginning June 2018 while continuing at Vohra Method part-time. After getting promoted in March 2019, he was moved to Sundays through Wednesdays day shift. He currently works full-time as an Operations Area Manager II for Amazon.com at their EWR4 Fulfillment Center while continuing to serve as a Lead Instructor for Vohra Method. During his free time, Steven spends time with his friends and family while planning his next domestic and international travel adventures.