What type of non-profit or business should you start?

Remember, your primary goal is to find something that is unique, interesting, unexpected.

You know what colleges expect? That you’ll help poor people, old people, veterans, or the homeless. They expect that you’ll raise money and give it to some charity that already exists. They expect bake sales and car washes. They’ve just seen it all!

That means, you need to think a bit outside of the box.

A few guidelines:

  • Think about the things you love the most. How might sharing those things with the world change things for the better?
    Caveat: Sports, music, and all academic subjects are already taught everywhere in every way. Don’t start a charity based on that.

  • Think about the unique and unexpected interests that you have. Are you super into growing cacti? Do you dream of taming elephants? If it’s unexpected, it could work!
    Caveat: Sports, music, and anything academic AT ALL are very much expected. They are the definition of obvious. Avoid those categories.

  • Think about the issues that mean a lot to you. If you had a family member suffer from Alzheimer’s, that might actually work, even though it’s pretty common.