The Short Answer

We don’t work on school homework assignments during class. However, we can use homework assignments to find corresponding worksheets within our curriculum, and then build those skills.

In order to be eligible to do this, students must have completed at least 10 Vohra Method worksheets, and have no current behavioral or technological problems.

As always, private tutoring is available for any highly specific questions you may have. Just email us to set that up!

The Long Answer

Why we don’t work on school homework in the group class

Our group classes are designed to produce excellence. That comes from thoroughly mastering each topic, not lurching from one topic to the next. We want you to thoroughly, permanently learn the most important material so that you can dominate your SAT, AP Exams, GRE, and school classes. Our curricula are designed to make sure you learn the most important material permanently. We do things in order of importance, targeting the skills that matter the most to your long term achievement and excellence.

How school homework can help us

Sometimes, you have a homework question, and we can help with that within the parameters of our curricula. When you bring in a homework assignment, we use the topic, or the specific errors you might have made in the problem to select the right worksheet for you. We’re still using our worksheets, but the topic is catered to just what you need.

A Caveat


There are topics that we don’t include in our curricula because we find that the topic is a silly distraction, and a waste of time that could be spent on better, more applicable topics in any subject. If this happens, you are of course free to use external sources for help with that topic. But, we strongly encourage you to spend your time truly building yourself to the highest standards you can achieve instead of squandering your potential on graded nonsense.

Just a Few, Quick Rules

In order to be eligible to use homework as a starting point in our group classes, a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. No technical or behavioral issues, including any video issues, or slow response times. This rule is designed to ensure the success of all students, and to encourage heightened technological literacy!

  2. The student must have completed a minimum of 10 Vohra Method worksheets in that topic. If you pick a subject area, and you check out our checklist, you’ll find that all the big ticket items are within the first 10 worksheets. That means, as fast as we can, we solidify the most core concepts in that subject area. But, until those core concepts are, in fact, solidified, we don’t allow our students to work on more complex homework assignments.

If you meet the above criteria, you can request a particular topic during class, or even bring in a homework problem so we can look at the topic and determine the best way to help.

If you would like to know if you are eligible for that yet, just email us!

If you’re experiencing an academic emergency, please click here.