Vohra Method can help you dominate your school academics.

We have two ways to do that.

If you’re looking for the standard, weekly “homework help” type approach, we can easily accommodate that in our Vohra Method tutoring. To schedule a consultation on that, or for more information, please email us.

But we can also do something that is more effective, cheaper, and better. We can help you totally dominate your classes...at a fraction of the cost of less effective “homework help” approaches. You can do this in our group classes (as well as in tutoring, of course). Learn more in this video and by reading the information below.

This approach has 3 phases, and one optional phase.


Diagnostic and Repair
In this phase, we use our incredibly fast diagnostic methods to find underlying gaps and fix them. For example, if you’re doing algebra, we would fix any gaps in arithmetic and pre-algebra. (Usual Time: Approx 2-15 hours).

Core Fundamentals
In this phase, we build up the core of the subject. For example, if you’re doing algebra, in this phase we would make sure you have mastered factoring, combining like terms, and other similar skills. (Usual Time: Approx 5-20 hours).

Pick Your Subtopics
Once you’ve gotten that far, students have the option to pick the subtopics of their choice. For example, an algebra student might choose to work on graphing quadratic equations. Note that students can pick the topics, which we then cover using Vohra Method worksheets. For specific problems from school, we offer private tutoring, but not group classes. (Usual Time: Approx 2-30 hours).

Optional: At any point that you want to work on a specific school problem or assignment, you can schedule a private tutoring session with a Vohra Method tutor of your choice. We have no minimum requirements, so if you want to just do one 20 minute session, that’s totally fine!