What to Do First…

At Vohra, we have a very particular order of required training. It reflects our business needs as well as our desire to help you grow as an instructor.

First Thing’s First

You have to learn what it means to be a Vohra Instructor. That means watching all the videos, working with a few students under supervision, and asking as many questions as you can. You’ll start out with math, because that’s what is likely the most comfortable for you. You’ll do the Math Challenge and the Math II Challenge, along with a few other training materials. Then, you’ll send in a lot of student interactions for review.

The reviews will be VERY important! Without the reviews, you cannot advance through any of our certifications. So, get in the habit of doing lots of reviews early on. The more you do, the quicker you’ll grow and get certified. We do require that you become fully certified in SAT Math, Reading, and Grammar within one year of employment with us. The largest need we get from clients is for the SAT, so you have to be prepared to teach that. Everything else is extra and optional; the SAT is not optional.


Once you have gotten your certification in SAT Math II, you can start working on the training materials for Grammar. You should never work with students in a subject in which you are not yet cleared. You must complete the initial training materials first and get the go-ahead from Mercedes if you want to teach any student in any topic. If you have not done the required tasks, then unfortunately you will not be allowed to teach students in that subject yet.

Once you are cleared to work with students in Grammar, you should start taking grammar students and sending in reviews.


Once you have started grading Grammar students, you may start working on the training materials for SAT Reading. You should never, ever work with students in reading unless you have reviewed their current passage in detail. This is critical. Our passages are hard, and the point is NEVER just to get the answer shown in the Alert. If you have not completed all necessary training documents and gotten the go-ahead from Mercedes, then you should not take any students in reading. We stress this in order to protect both you and the students. You don’t want to dive in too deep when you’re not ready, and we don’t want the students’ time to be wasted. It’s necessary for tutoring, as a business, to have standards for ability before sending tutors out to work with students.

Once you are cleared to work with students in Reading, you should start taking reading students and sending in reviews.


This is the pivotal step. You cannot receive any additional training bonuses until you have become completely certified in SAT Math, Grammar, and Reading. We teach the absolute most of these three subjects, and so it just doesn’t make sense for us to have a lot of people trained in Calculus and Biology, but not SAT Reading. Everyone always prefers to teach math, but we cannot function as a business if none of our instructors can teach reading. So, these three certifications are required before you can move any further.

Once you have completed these three certifications entirely, you may move on!


Now you may start to dig into whatever additional subjects you’d like that we currently offer. The process will be largely the same. Mercedes will give you the training requirements, you complete them and send them back, then you start working with students and sending in reviews.

Remember: No reviews = No certifications.