WhenIWork is for setting your availability and then later viewing your schedule. It also allows for requesting days off. It does NOT show you the generic schedule.

You should keep your availability set at least one month in advance at all times. If, at any point, Chelsey sets the schedule and your availability is not shown, you will receive NO shifts for that week. You will miss out on all the work you could have gotten! So, if you want shifts, you have to fill in your availability. Be sure to do that!

Also, if you make a mistake on your availability, you can make changes to it any time up until the schedule goes out. Once the schedule is out, you are subject to the Reliability Rules. Any missed shifts will count against your reliability. So, be sure to keep your availability accurate at all times.

The schedule is usually sent out 1-2 weeks in advance. Sometimes 3-4 weeks in advance of major holidays.

Google Calendar: Group Class Schedule

The Google Calendar to which you were invited shows you when we have class times. It is updated to reflect changing holidays and seasons (more sessions during the summer). It does NOT show you when you are working.

It also shows you Chelsey’s Office Hours. You should use that (and email correspondence) to stay in touch about projects.


This is where all the magic happens. Be familiar with the channels that we use for general work, and always send a message to your fellow instructors when you show up for any shift!

Google Drive for File Explorer

Sometimes Drive for File Explorer (aka Backup and Sync from Google) gets weird. If you ever have to redownload it for any reason, here is the link to this video again.

Class Time

Video: What does class actually look like?


You should be in Rabb.it during class so that you can monitor your students and ensure that they are focused and present. Also, so that they can see you! Here’s the video explaining rabb.it.


You should review this page closely for guidance on training and advancement!