Our Positions, Your Potential

If you work here, you know that we’re a crazy, fast-paced, innovative bunch, and we like finding other intense folk like us! Below, you will find everything you can do at Vohra, and everything we hope you will choose to become!


This is the base position. It’s what you already are!


  • Work up to being able to grade 5-8 students efficiently (depending on the difficulty of the students).

  • Maintain familiarity with all topics in which you are certified. This includes the continuous changes that our curricula undergo. Usually, these changes are minor and easy to keep pace with, but it is your responsibility to keep up, or ask!

  • Correctly fill out all reports and send report emails. Maintain all other book keeping items for each student (review questions, currently working on, etc.).

  • Ensure that you have perfectly functioning technology at all times during class! (It’s an online business, so this is huge. If your computer is faulty, get a new one. Otherwise, you won’t make it long in our tech-centered environment.)


  • Get to work in an awesome environment of people dedicated to the pioneering side of education!

  • Start out at $16.50 / hour. This includes your reliability raise of $4.50 / hour (which you can lose if you don’t show up for work, so be sure to show up!). It also includes your certification in main SAT Math.

  • Have the ability to learn all of our offered subjects, and gain the relevant bonuses for each. Those are all listed below:


SAT Reading:
SAT Grammar:
SAT Math II:

+$2 / hour
+$2 / hour
+$2 / hour
+$3 / hour
+$2 / hour
+$2 / hour
+$2 / hour
+$2 / hour


Further Explanations

In order to attain the above bonuses, you must become completely familiar with the curriculum itself. This mostly just means looking over the worksheets that we have, and their answer keys. Then, you must spend some variable amount of time teaching the material live, to students. The time is variable because we can have many or few students working on a topic at any one time. However, that time is generally no longer than two months. If, by the end of that time, you still do not feel comfortable, you will continue teaching and doing live training until you (and we) feel fully satisfied with your ability to use the curriculum.

At any point, you are welcome to ask us if we think you’re ready (especially if you feel fully ready). At any point, we may also approach you to let you know we believe you are ready.

Lead Instructor

This position is open to you usually after you’ve been with us for about 6 months. Generally, we’re looking for people who have seen how we operate, seen the WHY behind what we do, and can communicate that fully to parents and students. We want people who are willing to take on a little more responsibility, and who can represent our company well. Feel free to ask, at any time, if we feel you’re ready for it. This position comes with a fancier title, and a pay bonus!


  • Communicate with parents about technical issues, struggles during class, and any issues with bookings or payments.

  • Process any necessary invoices and scheduling that clients are unable to complete.

  • Maintain class order and respond to any problems as they arise. (You’ll also generally have someone on call to fall back on for a true emergency.)

  • Must have impeccable reliability. This position will not be scheduled in the same way. It will be a default shift assigned to you always. So, vacations should not be taken on that day with any regularity. You should only agree to run a shift as a lead instructor if you are reasonably certain that you will be available for that class 95% of the time or more.

  • Be able to train new instructors as they come on the team.

  • Be able to give direction as needed to ensure that all students are properly handled.


  • $2 / hour bonus

  • Ability to gain the type of experience that will help you as a curriculum developer, private tutor, or both!

Private Tutor

In this position, you have even more autonomy than usual. So, we require even higher levels of intensity, reliability, and consistency. You will start to work with students on your own. You will need to run your own schedule, and respond to all parent emails that come your way (some of which may not be so happy). But, you will NOT need to do your own advertising! You’ve got the full weight of the Vohra curriculum and advertising budget behind you, as well as our brand.

That said, you will be an ambassador for our brand, so we do expect you to hold true to our principles while tutoring. It’s just like group class, only one-on-one.


  • Feel comfortable handling difficult client situations, fielding aggressive questions, etc. You can always bring us in on any difficult situation (in fact we encourage it). But, be certain that you will be able to pivot any such situation towards the managing staff as needed.

  • Feel comfortable being on camera and talking to students verbally.

  • Be fully capable of setting your own schedule, setting your own appointments with students, and documenting those appointments on Google Calendar.

  • Be prepared to share Vohra methodologies with parents and students.

  • Feel comfortable developing a relationship with a student over time.

  • Be thoroughly solid in whatever course material you are teaching.


  • Starting billable rate is $100 / hour. You take home $50, Vohra takes home $50.

  • Don’t have to do your own advertising.

  • Have full access to the Vohra Curricula.

  • Ability to gain the type of experience that will help you as a curriculum developer!

Curriculum Developer

We need people with the right mindset to create the worksheets we use. But, this doesn’t just mean reading a prep book and creating exact replica worksheets. This position is one of the hardest to achieve.

Expectations and Requirements

This position requires insights into student psychology across the age span. It requires the ability to create new questions for students on the fly. Questions that don’t teach directly, but that derive the source of a problem and guide the student on his or her path to finding the solution. Questions that will make the next Vohra Method worksheet.

We’re looking at what to teach, how to teach it better, in what order. We need to know what students can get wrong and how they might escape our tests and pretend, convincingly enough, that they know the material. We need a full suite of treatments for any issue that may arise. We are looking to offer the best overall learning experience through online formats, or otherwise. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to teach, when, and how quickly.

You need to be able to see a need or an opportunity when it arises, and have ideas on what to do about it. You should spend time thinking about unsolved problems that seem impossible, because those are the break throughs that we need. You should think about the tiniest of details (like our change from “hint” to “thought”) as well as the largest (like our decision to have a collection of challenging questions very close to the beginning of any curriculum we make).

You should be willing to voice your opinions and defend them. And, of course, you should be able to collaborate with our team.


  • $3 / hour bonus

  • See your work quickly impact the minds of students.