Step One: Know the Lingo

When doing arrays, you need to work with both Worksheets and Array Files. Those are two different things, they have totally different functions, they have to be formatted quite differently, and everything you do will have both. So, check out this video.

Step Two: Format the Word File and Convert to Array File Correctly

Here is a series of videos that introduce worksheet formatting and common errors in arrays.

Step Three: Learn How to Handle Images and Fancy Math Characters

Step Four: Learn How to Handle Multiple Choice Questions

We try to use very few multiple choice questions in our curriculum. But, the few we have need to be programmed in!

Step Five: Learn How to Write in Alerts and Basic Answers in Code

The next few videos use a code thing called Regular Expressions. Watch the videos, then check out the tutorial for Regex.

The tester used in that video can be found here.

Now you can do the tutorial, understanding some of what you’ll need to know, and why you’ll want to know it. The tutorial can be found here.

Step Six: More Useful Things to Know About

Step 7: Ask For Your Own Arrays Projects!

When you’re ready to get started, send Chelsey an email.