A manifestation of boredom

"Lazy" students are often just bored and don't like school busy work. Many students these days use laziness as a response to the inanity they encounter in school curricula. These students have come to realize that the assignments given to them at school are usually either totally useless, or just endless practice for a concept they fully understand. Often, the laziest students are some of the most cognitively gifted.

What We Do.

We created a complete replacement for school that students can use to develop their real academic ability, and to explore topics of interest more fully than they can in school. The Vohra Academy ensures that students get the best education around, and never requires busy work. We do require intensive study in history, philosophy, politics, writing, and the sciences. Our students have a lot of freedom to define their course of study, and so they don't pursue laziness. They get to pursue their true interests.

Our students don't study to get good grades and then forget everything. They study to learn.


We use the same methodology in our tutoring and group classes. We teach only the necessary parts of any course. Students know that when they come to us, they won't be dealing with unnecessary fluff, they will be dealing with the real skills they need to know. This builds their trust in our method, and makes them less likely to slack off.