Step One: Availability!!

Availability is the first and absolute most important step of getting started at Vohra Method. If I don’t know when you’re available, then I will NOT put you on the schedule. So, in order to do any work, you first have to do this one thing!

Let’s check it out.

Under your name in the top left corner, you can select My Availability. Do that.

Work 1 Ink.jpg

When you click on My Availability, you’ll see a calendar. Hover over any date on that calendar, and you’ll see the options to Add Preferences. Go ahead and click on that.


Remember that you must set both your availability and your UNavailability. If you don’t, it shows up in a confusing format for me, and I won’t put you on the schedule (to avoid any possible errors).

You can set All Day availability, or partial day availability. Pay attention to shift start times, though! If you make yourself unavailable until 6pm, then it will show me that you are not available to work the weekly night shift (which starts at 5:45pm ET).

Just like a regular google calendar or the like, you can set repeating events. If you’re never available on Wednesdays, you can set it that way. Same if you’re always available on Saturdays.

Remember that if you do not set your availability before I set the schedule, then I just won’t put you on the schedule. You can still take Open Shifts (more on that later). But, you might miss out on shifts that you wanted. So, try to keep your availability and unavailability set at least a month out. I will make the schedule generally about 2 weeks out (3 weeks out during holiday seasons).

Above you can see how various things should look once you’ve set them. You can see days that you are completely available (here, the 1st), days that you are completely unavailable (the 4th), days that you are partially unavailable (the 26th), and days that you are partially available (the 12th). All recurring availability will show up with the circular arrows (as seen on the 1st and the 4th).

To change any of these, just hover over the text and you will find an option to edit.

Step Two: The Schedule

Once the schedule goes out for a week, it is final. Any shifts on your schedule are your responsibility. That means that if you miss any of those shifts for any reason, it will count against your reliability.

However! you can attempt to swap shifts with other employees if you have an unexpected need to miss work.

Work 2.PNG

Your best bet is to email all other employees as soon as you find out you need to swap a shift. You can include me, Chelsey, in that email too, so that I know there might be a change coming up.

If someone emails you back and says they can take your shift, then you can initiate a Swap Shift, shown in yellow above. Just click on the shift, on your schedule, that you need to swap, and you will see these options. You can then select the person to whom you would like to send the shift, and the other person can accept it. This will also go through an approval process with me to solidify it.

If you need to miss work for any reason, you must email me to let me know. If you cannot find someone to cover your shift, then it counts against your reliability. You may still miss the shift and incur the consequences, just keep me informed of your intentions.

Step Three: Taking Time Off


You’re always welcome to take time off well in advance. This is great for the holiday season. I will send out emails for availability quite early in October, just to be sure we have the people we need for the holidays.

Any time you’d like, just go to My Schedule underneath your name in the top right corner. Hover over a day and click on Take Time Off.


You can follow the above prompts to take either a full or partial day off. This is essentially the same as setting your availability in terms of function, but it’s our way of differentiating regular day to day from longer times away. It’s important for me to know when people will be gone for longer periods of time.

Feel free to include a message here, or email me separately, but do get in touch about vacations.

And of course, if you have any questions, just reach out to your Instructor Buddy, or to me via email!