Our Brief Spiel

Here at Vohra, we require video from all students for all classes. We use the video to verify that a student is present, working, and not distracted. For us, video is our only means of checking on a student's current mood, dedication level, intensity, etc. We use it constantly.

But, we know that some people don't like to be on video during class. We strongly encourage it, for all the reasons listed above, but we do allow students to come in without video (it just costs a bit more). Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Book Your Class As Usual

Schedule whatever class you'd like, at whatever time. Enter your login to get to the final page.


Step 2: Select the Add On

At the top of that final page, Simplybook will ask you if you want to enjoy some extras. The option to attend online classes without video is listed there. If you wish to attend class without video, you should select this option.


Step 3: Complete Purchase

Note that once you have selected that option, the price will automatically change. You are now ready to finish booking your class using either your membership options, PayPal, or major credit card.


As always, please email us if you have any questions or difficulty with the system.