Our Class Times

We run our classes at pretty consistent times, with a little variation for holidays. Here's our general schedule:

During the summer:
Monday-Thursday: 11-1pm and 1:20-3:20pm and 6-8pm ET
Friday: No Class
Saturday and Sunday: 11-1pm and 1:20-3:20pm ET

During the school year:
Monday-Thursday: 6-8pm ET
Friday: No Class
Saturday and Sunday: 11-1pm and 1:20-3:20pm ET

When You're Booking

We list our class times in Eastern Time, because we're based out of DC. But, we set our Simplybook system to automatically adjust to your time zone for you! Unfortunately, there are always times when the system gets your time zone wrong. The best way to ensure you're booking class at the expected time, is to double check your time zone while you're booking. You can find that information in the circled area below.


This will tell you our time, and whatever Simplybook thinks your time is. Our time will always be in Eastern Time, so that's a good reference. If your time is listed incorrectly, you can fix this by clicking on the small clock on the right there. When you do, you'll see the following.


Once you have set your correct time zone, you can book without worry. The time zone information will remain at the top of every page of the booking process, so you can always double check.

And of course, if you're ever uncertain, just reference our schedule. If Simplybook seems to be telling you that you are booking a class at 10am Eastern Time, then something went awry in the process, as we don't have class at that time on any day of the week.

The same goes for a class that seems to run across our break from 1pm-1:20pm ET every weekday and weekend day. We don't have class during that time, so the system is often just mixing up time zones in that case.


Usually, this won't be an issue. But, it does help alleviate any situations where you plan for a class at 10am ET, and we aren't around. As always, please email us if you have any questions or difficulty with the system.