As an aggressive, elite, growing educational business, we demand an exceptional level of ability and reliability from our team. Anyone at Vohra Method is extremely reliable, an excellent multitasker, and an incredibly fast learner.

  1. Reliability. At Vohra Method, reliability matters more than anything. Those who don’t show up on time once lose all of their raises and bonuses. Those who don’t show up on time more get fired. This principle includes sicknesses, family emergencies, etc. That means if you’re hiring someone who worked at Vohra Method, you can be certain that they are rock solid in their reliability. They know how to prioritize work over other issues, how to do their best to prevent health issues, and how to do whatever is needed to be where they need to be on time (which for us is 15 minutes early). They are people that you can build a strong, reliable team with.

    A 24 year old working at Vohra Method will be easily as reliable as a childless 40 year old working anywhere else. These are not your average hires.

  2. Multitasking. Vohra Method teachers literally teach several students at the same time. It demands an extremely high level of focus, speed, and ability. They can handle the most cognitively demanding, high speed tasks you can realistically give them.

  3. Ability. Our teachers work on math, reading, and other subjects at an exceptional level. They are expected to learn new subjects quickly, and master them deeply. If they have lasted at Vohra Method, it means they are fast learners, and able to adapt to a constantly innovating environment.

  4. Innovation. Our program rapidly innovates; from month to month we transform. We aren’t shy about making major, paradigm-shifting changes. Anyone who works here has learned to not only adapt to those major changes, but to contribute to and shape them as well.


How to Apply

1. Read through this page.
2. Take the Math Challenge.
3. Send us your Math Challenge, resume, and this Application Form.