Step 1: Setting Up An Account

When you come in on your first day, we'll send you a video link. We use that to monitor students during class, and provide a more realistic online classroom feel. If you want to get a jump start on your first class and get set up before you even come in, you can go to and sign up in advance. If you get to class, we'll send you a link to our specific room. Either way, when you click on the link, it will prompt you to create an account. You should see something like this:

Rabbit 1.PNG

Go ahead and fill in your information, then click Get Started.

Next you'll see the following image. Just click on the Next button to continue.

Rabbit 2.PNG

Step 2: Getting into the Vohra room

Now that you have an account with, you'll need to get into our video room for class. To do that, just click on the link we sent you one more time, or type into your web browser. If you are doing this before your first class, the room might be locked. That's okay. You can still test your video to be sure that it is working and ready for your first class. If you are going through this process during your first class, then at this point, you should be good to go! 

Step 3: Camera Troubleshooting

Sometimes, on their first day, students will have trouble getting their video turned on. We don't start any class until the video is turned on, so here is a little help for getting that video issue fixed.

The first thing you should do is check your URL bar.

Rabbit 3.PNG

Click on the small icon that looks like a camera, over there on the far right. That should bring up something that looks like this:

Rabbit 4.png

Make sure that you are allowing, not blocking access to your computer's camera. Then, make sure that the correct camera is selected. If you're not sure, and you have multiple options, just try each one.

If all that doesn't fix the issue, we'll generally suggest a restart. It's good to restart your computer regularly to avoid any issues, but you can always restart during that first class if you need to.

Once the issues are fixed that first day, we usually don't encounter further problems. So, it's then time to get to work!