+ How Do I Get Started?

The first step to join group classes is to set up a free, 30-minute, initial consultation with us. Please email us to set that up.

+ How Does the Group Class Work?

Our method is rigorous and unique. Learn More about the group class and how it can help your son or daughter.

+ How Long Does It Take?

Our program is designed to work with you for as long as you need in order to get the score you want. Learn more here.

+ What Are The Technology Requirements?

We offer classes across the country and world via Skype. Learn more about technical requirements and how the online experience can exceed the in-person classes in productivity and convenience. Learn More.

+ Can You Help With Reading Speed?

Arvin Vohra finished both the GRE and the GMAT in about half the allotted time. That wouldn't be possible without his developed speed reading skills.

Whether you're looking to increase your reading speed a little or a lot, the Vohra speed reading program, Rapid Analytical Reading, can help you.

Check out this video to get and idea of some of Arvin's techniques, and or check out the full speed reading program here.

Learn more about the Rapid Analytical Reading program, its history, and how it can help your child.

+ How Do You Build Vocabulary?

Vocabulary Synapse: Vohra's Take on Vocabulary

You know that learning vocabulary is necessary. You also know it can be miserably tedious.

Consider Vocabulary Synapse. This app, available on iPhone and Android, makes learning advanced vocabulary easy. The app adapts to you: it considers which words you get wrong, your overall accuracy, and other factors to make memorizing easier.

You can use Vocabulary Synapse on the way to school, waiting in line, or any other time you have a few minutes free! Test out the free demo and browse all our other Synapse applications on iTunes or Google Play!

Learn more about the Synapse Algorithm, its history, and how it can help your child.

+ Do You Do AP and SAT Training?

We can help your child with all AP and SAT II subject tests (Learn More), and with challenging, advanced school courses (Learn More).

+ Do You Help With College Strategy?

We can start your college strategy as early as middle school. Sound too early? Learn how starting early is the key to guaranteed admissions and avoiding a frantic senior year. Learn More.

+ Do You Help With College Essays?

The college essay can make or break an application. We have several levels of editing and assistance to meet all your essay needs and address the rest of your application as well. Learn More.

+ Can You Help Us Choose Internships and Extracurriculars?

Vohra is notorious for our ruthless approach to college application strategy. That includes helping students pick the internships and extracurricular programs that will help get them into top tier Ivy League colleges and combined medical programs. To set up a free consultation, email us.

+ Do You Help With Academic Planning?

Does your child need a calendar and to do list to get motivated for independent study? Do you have questions about what school courses to take? We can help with planning and setting goals for your child for school classes and the SAT. Learn More.

+ Can You Provide Guidance For Managing Extracurriculars?

You've probably been told that more extracurriculars means a better chance for college admission. This is actually entirely backwards. Learn how to choose activities to maximize gain. Learn More.

+ Can You Help With Current School Problems?

Sometimes public and even private schools fail to accommodate the educational needs of both struggling and advanced students. We can help you navigate a challenging school administration or stubborn teacher and ensure your child's continued success. Learn More.

+ Do You Do Private Tutoring?

Private Tutoring remains our flagship service, and forms the basis for everything we do.

Our tutors are experts in learning, not just experts in their subject areas. Everyone knows there is a difference between being good at math and being able to teach math. There is a further difference between being able to teach math, and being able to teach math in the most effective, strategic way to give the ideal results. Vohra tutors are in that category.

Our tutoring program is friendly, accessible, and rigorous. We can help with pretty much any academic subject, standardized test, or college application. We work with students at all types of schools, including private, public, magnet, and boarding schools. Because we work primarily over skype, we can work with any student who has an internet connection.

+ Do You Offer Thesis Paper Editing?

Thesis papers can count for a large portion of a final grade. They can also illuminate major and minor deficiencies in writing. We can fix the issues in the paper and the writing skills. Learn More.

+ How Is Your Curriculum Structured?

Our curriculum is entirely proprietary and unique. Learn how we target and perfect the most crucial skills in any subject with our network of worksheets and our educational methods. Learn More.

+ Do You Offer Parent Consultations?

If you still have a question that you'd like to ask, feel free to email us or set up a parent consultation. Parent consultations are $200/hr prorated.

+ Do You Teach Writing?

At Vohra, we teach the following types of writing.

  1. SAT Essay writing for the New SAT.
  2. Literary Analysis writing for school classes.
  3. College Essay Writing
  4. Fiction Writing.

To learn more about the most rigorous writing program anywhere, please email us.

+ Can You Help Students With ADHD?

Vohra's nonlinear approach is often quite popular with students who have difficulty concentrating in traditional classrooms. We have no boring lectures. You don't have to wait for others to catch up. You don't have to be forced to the next topic before you are ready.

In our program, many students find that they don't need medicines to succeed. In fact, many of our students wean themselves off of their current medications. They've found a method that works for them.

We provide a unique combination of disciplined structure and flexible pacing that works well for many ADHD students. We can also draw on our experiences with other students and provide some guidance to those who are looking to wean themselves off of their medications.

+ Can You Help Students With Dyslexia?

Vohra offers a particularly in-depth reading program for students with severe dyslexia. This program builds core language processing abilities from scratch. The process is extremely intensive, and generally lasts about 12-18 months, with significant improvements usually noticeable after 4-6 months.

To learn more about this breakthrough program and get your child on track to success in English and Language classes, email us.

+ Can You Help Students With Dyscalculia?

Vohra offers an intensive training program that builds math reasoning from scratch. We take a students existing understanding of mechanics in math (which most dyscalculia students have) and we help him or her achieve an understanding of the mathematical logic that ties all those separate math concepts together. The process is long, but it has amazing, lasting results.

To learn more about this unique program and to get your child ready for Algebra and advanced mathematics, email us.

+ Can You Help Students With Executive Function Problems?

Many parents with struggling students find themselves facing the possibility of a child with "impairment in executive functioning." Often the explanation of this problem is vague and leaves parents helpless as to how to help their child. We can help.

Find out how we can repair any damage to your child's math or reading ability in less than a school year.

+ Do You Help Other Schools and Tutors Build Curriculum?

We've worked with several tutoring companies and educational institutions to build curriculum and Synapse applications for their specific needs. Learn more.

+ Who does the teaching?

Arvin Vohra

Arvin Vohra is the creator of the Vohra Method, and the founder of Arvin Vohra Education. His educational programs have transformed the lives of countless students, and he has inspired audiences nationwide through his speeches, books, and community outreach programs.

Arvin’s passion for educational innovation began while he was studying at the Landon School in Bethesda, MD. Frustrated by the limitations he perceived in standard education, he began to test the limits of a different type of approach. He learned algebra in a few weeks to advance a level in math, and even attended college courses as early as eighth grade. In high school, he received a score of 5 on 10 AP exams to become an AP National Scholar. For 6 of those exams, he did not take the corresponding AP class, and instead relied on intensive outside study. He was also a National Merit Finalist, with the highest SAT and PSAT scores in his graduating class. On the SAT, he received a score of 790 on both the math and verbal sections. He also received a perfect score of 800 on both the Math IIc and Chemistry SAT II tests. For his efforts he was awarded the Rensselaer Medal for Math and Science in his Junior year. During this time, Arvin worked actively as a tutor for younger students, most notably at the North Chevy Chase Elementary School.

Arvin attended Brown University, where his passion for educational innovation continued to grow. He worked as a tutor and teacher as part of the Wheeler School’s Aerie Program. At Wheeler, he designed accelerated and nontraditional curricula for students ranging from second to eighth grade. Later, he worked as a consultant for the Hamilton Institute for Learning Differences. After graduating from Brown University with a B.Sc. in mathematics and a B.A. in economics, he received perfect scores on both the GRE and the GMAT, finishing each test with well over an hour to spare. He also passed two actuarial exams in a single testing period while working as an actuary at GEICO.

His books include The Equation for Excellence: How to Make Your Child Excel at Math, and Lies, Damned Lies, and College Admissions.

Chelsey M. Snyder

Chelsey M. Snyder serves as Director of Operations and Head of Curriculum Development.

A perfectionist who comes from a family of teachers and military officers, Chelsey had the organized precision to refine Arvin’s initial breakthrough methodology into the surgically precise curriculum we use today. She is also an educational visionary in her own right, and has developed many of the most advanced and specialized parts of the Vohra Academy curriculum, including the IQ testing and spatial reasoning curricula and most of the advanced literature curricula.

Like Arvin, Chelsey started tutoring other students at a young age. But while Arvin started around age thirteen, Chelsey started around age seven, helping struggling students in her mother’s classroom. She later distinguished herself academically, with perfect and near-perfect grades in her school’s most advanced classes. She graduated high school in only three years, but still took more AP classes than Arvin did in four. In college, she continued to dominate academically, graduating with a GPA of 3.9 while also working 25-30 hours per week. By this time, she had seen what complete organization, total dedication, and absolute perfectionism could get from standard education. She had seen all that traditional education could offer. And she knew this: she could make something so much better.

She joined Vohra Method in 2014, recognizing the potential of the popular D.C. based tutoring service. As students suddenly started coming in, via Skype, from all over the country, she enhanced and developed the existing curriculum to make better use of the online space. Weekly improvements in technique and content soon became the norm.

Chelsey brings more than just military perfectionism to the Vohra Method. Her insights into educational psychology and cognitive development shape many of our methods and rules, allowing students to accomplish far more in less time.

+ Do You Help Other Schools and Tutors Build Curriculum?

We've worked with several tutoring companies and educational institutions to build curriculum and Synapse applications for their specific needs. Learn more.