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Vohra Method is the leader in elite, nonlinear, online education. From our pioneering curriculum to our Synapse memorization apps, Vohra provides a level of expertise that can help any school supercharge its curriculum. We can provide a wide range of curricular development, teacher training, and other services. You'll find a few examples below, but please contact us to discuss your specific goals.

The Integrated SAT Curriculum

Many serious teachers resist mass market SAT programs with good reason. Those programs teach ineffective, counterproductive gimmicks that erode algebra skills and teach inefficient reading methods. No self-respecting teacher would allow that kind of buffoonery in his or her classroom. 

Vohra SAT training is very different. We teach direct, efficient, algebraic solutions in math, and a rigorous grammar and logic based approach to reading. And we can help you integrate that type of training into your existing programs. 

We know that every parent wants the school to bring up the SAT scores of their child. We also know that every school wants to maintain intellectual and academic integrity and rigor. With a Vohra Integrated SAT curriculum, you can do both.

There are many different levels of curriculum development we can provide. For most projects, the initial cost is around $150k , with yearly costs of around $50k. We also have services at lower and higher price points. 

Synapse App Development

Synapse is Vohra's adaptive memorization algorithm, used in Vocabulary Synapse, Mandarin Chinese Synapse, and other Synapse Apps. You can download free demo copies here: iTunes and Google Play.

Vohra can create Synapse apps for any memorization based program. Whether your students need to memorize particular vocabulary lists, dates of events, or names of paintings, Vohra can help. Because we develop in Adobe Animate, we can quickly deploy Synapse Apps for both iPhone and Android.

Our prices are extremely competitive. A standard Synapse App with a multiple choice wordlist provided by the client can be produced for as little as 15k. We also offer the option of custom branded apps, content creation, and other services. For a comparatively small investment, your students will have an experience that will set your school or educational program apart.

Don't worry if you are a "direct competitor." We've worked with many competitors; in fact, Arvin Vohra has been a guest speaker at many "competitor" events! If you'd like to have Arvin as a speaker at your next event on the future of education, feel free to email us.

Supplementary Courses

Many schools prefer to keep SAT training separate from other math and reading training. We can provide SAT training programs for your school as well. Because we work primarily via Skype, we can provide world class training to any school with an internet connection. We can offer private classrooms, in which only students from your school will be in a given class. This allows you to maintain your school's culture and dress code expectations, and give parents complete peace of mind.


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If you'd like to discuss pricing and different possibilities for curriculum development, or if you'd like to book Arvin Vohra as a speaker, please email us.

Email: Learn@VohraMethod.com
Text: 301-706-9806


Group Class:

Private Tutoring:
$200/hr with Founder Arvin Vohra or Managing Director Chelsey Snyder
$100/hr with other Vohra Elite Tutors


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