Many students don't perform as well as they should because they are afraid, under intense pressure, or just lack confidence. All of these issues are best handled in much the same way.

Any student who is even slightly nervous about any test at any level should be over-prepared. If a student is studying for a basic triangle congruency test in Geometry, he should already know how to do far more complex proofs. If a student needs to perform well on her SAT test, she should be easily answering SAT Math Level II questions, and GRE and GMAT reading passages. It sounds crazy, but it is the only real way to combat confidence issues, and it works.

Students who lack confidence also need to see that they can overcome challenges (like the test they are afraid of). Often we will suggest that you push your child into a more challenging math or reading class, or to engage in extracurricular study in some advanced topic. Even if your child does poorly in the early weeks or months of such a class, with us, they will overcome that challenge. It is far better for students to realize that they have a lot still to learn, than for them to be lured into a false sense of security by an easy course. Overcoming challenges helps students build the confidence they need to succeed on standardized tests, and in life.

If you see a lack of confidence in your child, get in touch with us. We can help with the short term goals in grades and scores, and the long term goals in confidence and strong academic ability.