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You’re never required to have a rough draft to get started, but if you have one, you’re welcome to show it to us! This form will help walk you through that process.

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No first draft? No problem. You don't need a first draft before contacting us! We can help you every step of the way, and we often find that meeting before the first draft can shorten the total time needed for the essay. 

For college strategy, the earlier you start, the more likely it is you'll get into your first choice college, even if it's a "reach" school. So get in touch today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Email: Learn@VohraMethod.com


Group Class: 

Private Tutoring:
$200/hr with Founder Arvin Vohra or Managing Director Chelsey Snyder
$100/hr with other Vohra Elite Tutors

What Information Will You Get?

We assess essays in four basic categories: Readability, Insight/Interest, Engagement, and Story.

Readability: Essays have to be easy to read for the average person. College admissions counselors aren’t all advanced literature majors or highly-skilled biologists. Some of them may be, but you need to be sure that if the person who reads your college essay can’t read at that level, they can still read your essay.

Why might you score low here?

  • If you do something crazy or avante garde, it will often be unreadable. Stream of consciousness essays don’t usually work at all.

  • If you write a very, very dense scientific description of something, including a lot of acronyms, numbers and letters, and long science-y words, pretty much no one will read it. Don’t write a scientific paper instead of an essay! No one reads scientific papers either.

  • If you write something pertaining to history and it includes a lot of long, fancy names that are all very hard to pronounce and likely in another language, people just won’t be able to read it very well.

... and blow them away

Have people told you that you can't get into your first choice college? Let us help you prove them wrong. Have people told you that you're guaranteed a spot in your first choice college, but you're still not sure? Let us give you that extra confidence.

We get students into their first choice colleges even when their high schools have claimed there's no chance. We regularly get students, including our Asian students, into the Ivy League, because we are relentless, targeted, and effective.

Don't wait. Get in touch as soon as possible. Start preparing for every high school course the summer before you take the class. Ace every test and get shining recommendation letters from your teachers. Study with us for AP exams, the PSAT, the SAT, and your school classes. Get the test scores you need to back up your skill and intelligence.

And, with our help, find the one thing that is going to make you stand out. Note that your 'thing' is not going to be that you were team captain, you were in a play, or you played violin for 7 years. Your thing is going to be something no one has ever heard of. This is the hardest part of the application.

The college application process is long, but our process has been proven time and again to work for the Ivy League. We can help with any major hurdles if you come to us in time. So get in touch and set up a free initial consultation or attend one of our College Strategy Seminars.

Things to Know

Ruthless Strategy

Your application needs an insightful, memorable essay and a surprising extracurricular resume. It could also benefit from a few tricks and tips we've learned in a decade of helping students get into the Ivy League.

Unlike your school counselors, we don't play nice, or play by traditional rules. We use outside-the-box strategies to give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. And we get results.


Why do emeralds cost more than water, even though water is essential to life? Because emeralds are rare.

Many students' applications are not rare. They are full of the same AP scores and research internships as everyone else's. Their essay sounds just like every other essay ever written. At Vohra, we make your application unforgettable, a rare emerald in a sea of monotony.

Your School is Not Your Friend

School Counselors have you target lower level schools. This increases your chance of getting in to your "first choice", and improves your school's statistics. Of course, it's not your real first choice.

At Vohra, we set our targets high, and use the strategies that get you in to your true, first choice school.

College Essays at Vohra Method

College Essay training at Vohra Method is our most intensive and probably most valuable program. If your goal is to learn how to write the most powerful college essays, develop unstoppable interview skills, and get into a top tier Ivy or combined medical program, then Vohra Method College Essay training might be the right choice for you.

We wrote the book on College Essay strategy - or at least, we wrote a book on it. It's called How to Get into an Ivy League College. It details the ruthless, innovative approach we use for college strategy, how it works, and why it outsmarts college application committee members year after year.

You'll learn how to think in ways you never previously considered, write essays that give admissions officers chills, and dominate the interview. There's no place on earth that will more thoroughly train you, or get you better results.

That said, there are a few things you should know before working with us.

  1. We don't write your essays for you. The companies that offer that service are setting you up to fail during your interviews. The skills you develop during the essay writing process are the exact skills that will let you dominate your interview. If you let someone else write your essay for you, you are letting them steal the skills you'll need at the most critical moments of your college admissions process.

    When you write college essays, you have hours or days to come up with ideas. In interviews, you have a few seconds. Anyone who claims they can teach you to do well in college interviews after they write your college essays for you is just lying.

    Note for students: That means that we will let you miss the early deadline, or even the regular deadline. The trick where you pretend to be helpless so someone else does the work for you won't work with us. Expect to work hard, think creatively, and make this your number one priority for a few months. Each year, a few of our students miss the early deadline in an attempt to use strategic brinksmanship to get us to write an essay for them.

    We aren't the nicest college strategists out there. We're notorious among other strategists for our ruthless methods. We absolutely will, and often do, let students miss the early deadline. The brutal ruthlessness that allows us to help you get into top tier Ivy League colleges and combined medical programs also makes us more than willing to let you miss any and all deadlines.

    Note to Parents: After missing the early deadline, most students make the regular deadline just fine. Some students need evidence to believe that they themselves must learn the required skills.

  2. Our process is not cheap or fast. The average student spends about 8 months on this process. If done primarily in group class, the full process can cost around $2,000-$4,000. (This includes some private tutoring, as not everything can be done in the group class.) The group class requires extremely high levels of motivation. Low motivation can significantly increase the time and cost required.

    When done exclusively in private tutoring, the college essay process usually costs $5,000-$9,000. Students who struggle with reading or writing will need to fix those gaps with us before they will be able to work with our college essay program. The program requires rock solid reading and writing skills which we develop through our SAT program. So, doing SAT training with us will help to prepare students for both!

    Can you rush the process? Sometimes students can get through the program in under 8 months. This requires a much higher time commitment per week. It often requires setting aside other concerns like sports, hobbies, religious activities, family events, and school clubs. Essentially, the process can sometimes be condensed, but the steps cannot be skipped. Be prepared to make this a major priority for the months you’re working on it.

  3. While we do work to keep a continuous and open dialogue with parents throughout the process, parents, older siblings, and local tutors may not be present at any writing or profile-building session. It is essential that the student know that he, and no one else, will be doing the work. The second there is the option to rely on someone else, slightly over 100% of students will choose that option.

    Younger siblings are welcome to attend the sessions, if they want a preview of things to come!

What the process is like


Phase 0: Identifying the student’s starting point.

During this phase, we will ask a lot of simple questions designed to see what the student can already do, and where the student’s thinking is. Most students start out thinking mostly obvious platitudes, but sometimes students start with great ideas already!

Phase 1: Learning to think cleverly.

This is the hardest part, where students learn to move away from the boring, hokey, obvious essays most high achievers write, and on to the exciting, mind-blowing essays that will wow application committees.

Phase 2: Developing the overall applicant profile.


Do you have several high AP scores, high SAT scores, and play the violin/piano? So does every single one of your competitors. That profile will get you absolutely nothing. Your profile needs to make you astronomically stand out and come across as someone completely unlike the boring sea of your cookie-cutter competitors. In this phase, we’ll develop that profile.

This phase also includes the creation of your online presence. Once you get through Phase 1, this task should be pretty simple.

Phase 3: Common Application Essay development.

During this phase, we (i.e. you) are going to write the actual common application essay, using the strategies and skills developed in Phase 1.

Phase 4: College-specific Supplemental Essays.


While your competitors will be writing about how they like the fact that Harvard is in a city and has good academics, you'll be writing strategically unstoppable essays based on the Phase 2 Profile.

Phase 5: Supplemental paragraphs, short answers, etc.

With the skills developed so far, this will be the easiest and fastest phase. Since you'll actually have learned the skills, instead of having someone else do it for you, you'll fly through these.

Phase 6: Interview preparation.

Our interview training goes far beyond what you'll see anywhere else. We'll work on everything from vocal control and posture to how to control the direction of the conversation and create rapport.

Our interview training program has been used for McKinsey candidates, political candiates, and medical school candidates, in addition to college applicants. Your training will build on the profile development and clever thinking skills you worked on in the early phases.

Stand out. Get in.