Questions About School

We know how schools work, and how they don't. We know what things to avoid, what to pursue, and how to outmaneuver any school that tries to hold your child back, or just doesn't push him/her hard enough towards greatness. But it takes a plan.

Should your child skip a year in math? What school should he go to for high school? How many AP courses should she take? Answers to questions like these and countless others are an email away, and anything that requires further discussion can be scheduled in a parent consultation.

Questions About Tutoring

How often should your child come in for tutoring? What goals should be set for training? Should he train for next year's school classes early? Should she do intensive training over the summer? What can be done at home to enhance the effectiveness of the tutoring? (While we don't require homework, we can accommodate some requests for home study.)

We are here to help your child succeed. Whatever information you need to make that happen, we're here to provide it. Just send an email or set up a parent consultation to get the answers you need.

To learn more, schedule a parent consultation.