The Vohra Method Consultation: Honesty, Respect, and Earning the Student's Trust

At Vohra Method, we have a simple rule: the student must be present at the first consultation. The parents are usually present too!

We earn each student's respect and trust by first showing them respect and trust. We don't discuss them or our program behind their backs the way most programs do. Instead, we openly and honestly discuss everything in front of them.

Our initial meeting is done face-to-face, via Skype. You will meet with one of the head instructors of Vohra Method - an expert teacher who has built major parts of our program. 

We know that it's different from what other companies do. We also know that students who are given responsibility over their education become more responsible students. We know that students who understand our approach are more able to embrace it and benefit from it.

In our program, parents invest money. Students invest their effort, minds, and hearts into one of the most challenging and rewarding academic programs anywhere. We expect them to trust us, and to put in a huge amount of effort. So we trust them to understand out program, their current struggles, and how we can help them achieve more.

At the end of your initial consultation, you can have the student leave the room and have a discussion between just the parent and head instructor. Most families find that they don't really need to do that, but the option is there.

But for the first part of the initial consultation, the part that matters the most, the student must be present.

Our valedictorians, Ivy League admits, and superstar SAT scorers succeed because they develop the responsibility, independence, and intelligent decision making that lead to academic excellence. That starts right with the first consultation, when we make sure that the student is part of the process from the very beginning.

To schedule your free initial consultation, with the parent, student, and head instructor, please contact us.

What's covered?

Here are just a few of the questions we'll answer during the consultation:

  1. How the Method Works. We run one of the most effective and unique live group classes on the market. So, we know you probably have some questions about how it works. During the consultation, we'll explain how the method works for a variety of subjects, including SAT/ACT, History and Science classes and AP tests, English courses and writing assignments, and all levels of Math and Math exams (AP, SAT, etc).
  2. How Long the Program Takes. Our approach is far more targeted than other methods. During the consultation, we'll get some information about your child's strengths, weaknesses, and goals, and give you a preliminary idea of how long the method will take, what we'll focus on, etc. For more information on the length of the program, follow this link.
  3. How Online is an Advantage. We run the most efficient, individualized group class on the market, and it's available worldwide via Skype. We'll explain the mechanics of our Skype program, and how it has helped students across the country, and in other countries, achieve perfect and near perfect scores, or major score improvements, in school and on external tests. 
  4. How We Can Help at All Levels. Some of our students come to us with straight A's and decent SAT or PSAT scores. Some of our students come in because they are struggling in a science or math course, or because they need to dramatically improve their writing skill. We work with students at all levels, and we'll explain how we can help your child succeed from any starting point.
  5. Anything Else. We'll answer any other questions you have during the consultation. Your questions will help prepare your son or daughter for the method, and ensure that we can achieve the greatest improvements in our classes!