The most important field in any society.

The fastest growing sector of the world’s economy.

The most innovative education company on the planet.

Welcome to Vohra Method.

Who We Are

Vohra Method is an innovative educational company focused on individualized education. What we do is a little like tutoring, a little like teaching, and mostly like nothing you’ve seen before.

We provide intensive, personalized education online, using Slack. All of our curriculum is built in-house, as is a lot of our programming.

We change and innovate quickly. We’re always ready to revamp all of our methods, or start from scratch.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for that rare combination of academic excellence, flexible thinking, innovative mindset, willingness to learn...and rock solid reliability. We are creative dreamers who can always be counted on.

We’re looking for people who have the brains for investment banking or consulting, but want to do something more meaningful than pushing money around or helping conglomerates sell high fructose corn syrup to children.

We’re looking for people with the passion for Americorps, but who aren’t willing to be hamstrung by bureaucratic stupidity and ossified attempts at thinking.

We want people who want to actually do something worthwhile, not just pretend to.

We expect a lot. You’ll be expected to learn quickly, think creatively and fast, and be reliable.


What We Actually Do

Working at Vohra Method is similar to tutoring in some ways. However, we work in teams, with many students at the same time. Each of our students works with only one instructor, and so they have individualized attention and programs. Our job is to figure out how to build their relevant knowledge base and cognitive skills.

To achieve that we use a mix of worksheets, discussions, and other tools. A major part of what we do is create those worksheets and tools. We also spend a lot of time analyzing the discussions we're having with students in order to develop more streamlined methods within our program, and create new materials for future students.

The Interview

During our interview, we’re looking for people who combine creative thinking, relentless discipline, and passion for education.

Don’t worry if you’re shy or introverted. We know how to find what we’re looking for. We’ll ask you about your interest and experiences in education, your goals and your abilities, and your studies so far in school and life. Communication is important to us, since it accounts for at least 80% of the job. So, we're looking for clear, concise, and enthusiastic people.

What You’ll Learn

Internships at Vohra Method are intense learning experiences. You’ll learn about education, business, innovation, child psychology, marketing, technology. You’ll work alongside our founder and director to spark the future of education.

Technology and Programming

At Vohra Method, we take education to a level other businesses cannot begin to imagine. We use any technology we can to help us do that better.

Part of that involves some basic coding. You don’t need a background in computer programming; most of us didn’t use these technologies before we started here. But you will have the opportunity to learn a lot and grow your own skill set.

We use a variety of tools, ranging from Node.js to AutoHotKey, and are always ready to work with new technologies that can give us an edge in providing the best education on earth.


Responsibility and Reliability: The Core of Any Successful Business

Our internship program is designed to prepare you to succeed in business, either as part of Vohra Method, or as part of any other elite level company. The most important skill in any business, ranging from medicine to banking, is reliability. Those who can be counted on are the ones given the more important tasks.

At Vohra Method, your pay is inherently attached to your reliability. This isn’t your grandparent’s job, where you can call in sick whenever you like. If you miss a day for any reason - sickness, car accident, family emergency, whatever - it will immediately and significantly affect your pay. If you are considering working at Vohra Method, take your vitamins, drive carefully, and encourage your family to avoid needless risks.

Note that you don’t have to sign up to work every day. You can choose to work once a week if you like. However, if you do get scheduled to work on a particular day, you will be expected to show up, on time, with equipment that works. In a business at our level, having good intentions just isn’t enough.

The Math Challenge

Incoming interns are asked to take the math challenge, which can be found here. Don’t worry if you can’t do all of the problems - almost none of our new hires can. Even if you can’t do a single problem, that doesn’t disqualify you. The Math Challenge is to give you an idea of the level we expect you to reach relatively quickly. We’ll provide all the training you need.

On the other hand if you can do the entire math challenge, then your first raise might be coming pretty soon!


Our internship programs are all paid. You start at $10/hr. Training is fully paid, but highly intensive. If you have a lot going on in your life right now, then it's not the time for you to start working here. In one month, we expect (and help) you to become fully trained in both our math and reading programs. Once you finish both of those, you get a total $6/hr raise.

After that, other raises are subject-based and vary from $2-$4/hr.

Reliability Bonuses

You will also earn per hour bonuses for time periods worked without missing any days of work, arriving late, or arriving without functional technology. At specified numbers of shifts worked, you will receive a $1.50/hr raise. There are a total of 3 of these raises that can be achieved. After that, you can earn "free passes".

That's the reward. Here's the risk:

After you earn these bonuses, if you miss a day of work and don't have a "pass" to spend, you lose all of your reliability raises...and your subject-based raises.

You can earn them back in time. But, if you miss too many shifts in a row, then you're immediately let go.

It's a strict system, built on the integrity we hold for our clients, our business, and ourselves.


How to Apply

1. Read through this page.
2. Take the Math Challenge.
3. Email us your Math Challenge
and this Application Form.

Note: In order to have your application considered, you must correctly solve a minimum of 5 questions. You can attempt as many as you like, and submit as many answers as you like. But 5 must be completely correct to be considered.