Becoming an Expert

According to Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Fortunately, at Vohra we can make you an SAT expert a lot quicker than that! Our program covers literally years of math and verbal skill building faster than most educational "experts" consider possible. 

Vohra Method SAT

  • SAT Math: Approx. 30 hours.
  • SAT Reading: Approx. 40 hours.
  • SAT Essay (optional): Approx. 15 hours.

If you are very focused and intense, you might actually finish much quicker. If you are the opposite, it will take much longer. 

Note that these are not guaranteed times by any stretch of the imagination. If we need to fix major gaps, or if you forget material quickly, it will take much longer. There is no upper limit to how long the program can take. It's just however long it takes for you to complete the checklist, which can be found here.

Fixing Major Deficits

If you have major gaps in arithmetic and algebra, you will need to learn those skills. If you don't know how to factor or add fractions, this may apply to you. Time added: approximately 50-100 hours.

Students who are not yet proficient in English, or have a very unusually high level of difficulty with reading, may need additional time with reading. Time added: approximately 40-100 hours.

Note that these are based on students giving 110% during every second of every class. If the work focus is less than that, it can take many times longer. 

Below is a breakdown of the phases of our program. These phases apply both to reading and to math. They can give you a slightly better idea of how your time is broken down. The total required time, as you can see, can vary greatly based on skill and needs.