Planning Ahead

Our program has no official start or end dates. To get an idea of how long the SAT/ACT preparation takes, read over the following:

Tier 1 (40-60 hours)
Some of our students do very well inside of school, and engage in major, rigorous academic work outside of school as well. This includes Math Olympiad, independent writing contests, community college courses, etc. Our SAT/ACT program usually takes them around 40-60 hours to complete.

Tier 2 (80-100 hours)
Some of our students do very well inside of school, but don't do major academic extracurriculars outside of class. They may do other extracurriculars like music, dance, athletics, chess club, or robotics, but not academic ones. Our SAT/ACT program usually takes them around 80-100 hours to complete.

Tier 3 (150-500 hours)
Some of our students come to us having academic difficulties inside of school. These difficulties arise from academic issues, not from laziness. Completion of our program includes filling in all gaps in math and reading. Our SAT/ACT program usually takes these students between 150 and 500 hours, depending on the level of academic difficulty coming in.

Timing is Everything

Most of our students start with us in middle school. They train for their math courses each year, especially over the summer. We help them test into more advanced math courses, which helps them get ahead in math and prepare for the SAT in the long term. We help our students develop the skills necessary to compete in state and national level writing contests, which significantly improves their college admissions chances. All the while, we are working towards the SAT/ACT. 

The SAT and ACT tests cover about 10 years of math material, almost everything from arithmetic through Algebra II. That means the earlier we start, the more we can reinforce a student's math skills at every step of the way. It's always better to start early for this type of training.