The Most Ruthless College Strategy Anywhere

You’ve probably heard of people with great grades and standardized test scores who got rejected from top tier colleges. If you haven’t: Vohra Method founder Arvin Vohra was one of those people. Although he had the highest SAT and PSAT scores in his graduating class, got 5s on ten different AP exams, was a varsity athlete, and was the founder or president of multiple clubs, he got rejected from many schools, including some safety schools.

Like Arvin, many students each year learn how important the college essay is the hard way. At Vohra, we make sure you're not one of those students.

We’ve developed one of the most ruthless college strategy programs in the world. We help you write the strategic college essays that will charm college application committees, and the individual university essays that will further seal the deal.

Our college strategy program goes much farther. If you start early (around 8th grade), we can also help you build a complete application profile that will ensure acceptance to the most competitive colleges and combined medical programs. That includes developing the right extracurricular resume and reputation.

For families who are interested, we have several other tricks and tips that can distinguish your child's application, and increase his or her chances of acceptance into the best schools.


Get in Touch

You don't need a first draft before contacting us! We can help you every step of the way, and we often find that meeting before the first draft can shorten the total time needed for the essay by a few sessions.  So email us to set up your first essay session! 

For college strategy, the earlier you start, the more likely it is you'll get into your first choice college, even if it's a "reach" school. So get in touch today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.



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Private Tutoring:
$400/hr with Founder Arvin Vohra

Your essay has to set you apart

You want to show that you can be funny yet refined, creative yet technical, focused yet observant, and above all, unique. And then you sit down and a terrifying nothing flows out of your hands and onto the page. Or the words that do flow feel too simple, too cliche, or too disjointed. 

That's where Vohra comes in.

We help you learn how to craft sentences that show subtle, refined humor and a clear dedication to learning and helping your community, all without using any cliches. We ensure that your essay will truly be one of a kind, and will accurately depict your skills and background. We help you choose the stories from your history that will best explain your life journey and the many things you hope to learn as that journey continues into college. With us, you will weave a capturing tale and learn to articulate the deeper insights that will help your uniqueness shine through.

Blow them away

Have people told you that you can't get into your first choice college? Let us help you prove them wrong. Have people told you that you're guaranteed a spot in your first choice college, but you're still not sure? Let us give you that extra confidence.

We get students into their first choice colleges even when their high schools have claimed there's no chance. We regularly get students, including our Asian students, into the Ivy League, because we are relentless, targeted, and effective.

Don't wait. Get in touch as soon as possible. Start preparing for every high school course the summer before you take the class. Ace every test and get shining recommendation letters from your teachers. Study with us for AP exams, the PSAT, the SAT, and your school classes. Get the test scores you need to back up your skill and intelligence.

And, with our help, find the one thing that is going to make you stand out. Note that your 'thing' is not going to be that you were team captain, you were in a play, or you played violin for 7 years. Your thing is going to be something no one has ever heard of. This is the hardest part of the application.

The college application process is long, but our process has been proven time and again to work for the Ivy League. We can help with any major hurdles if you come to us in time. So get in touch and set up a free initial consultation or attend one of our College Strategy Seminars.

Things to Know

Ruthless Strategy

Your application needs an insightful, memorable essay and a surprising extracurricular resume. It could also benefit from a few tricks and tips we've learned in a decade of helping students get into the Ivy League.

Unlike your school counselors, we don't play nice, or play by traditional rules. We use outside-the-box strategies to give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. And we get results.


Why do emeralds cost more than water, even though water is essential to life? Because emeralds are rare.

Many students' applications are not rare. They are full of the same AP scores and research internships as everyone else's. Their essay sounds just like every other essay ever written. At Vohra, we make your application unforgettable, a rare emerald in a sea of monotony.

Your School is Not Your Friend

School Counselors have you target lower level schools. This increases your chance of getting in to your "first choice", and improves your school's statistics. Of course, it's not your real first choice.

At Vohra, we set our targets high, and use the strategies that get you in to your true, first choice school.

Common Essay Questions

Do I need to finish a first draft before coming in?
No. You don't need a first draft before coming to see us. If you already have one, definitely bring it in.  But we can get you through writer's block and on the path to a completed application quite quickly.

How long does the process take?
Depending on your current skill with writing, the essay process can take 8-20 hours, plus time spent at home in between sessions. Some of this can be sped up by using our essay emailing program. We still meet live sometimes, but in between sessions you can email your work in, get a quick review with suggestions, and continue working. The emailing process costs the same as the regular sessions, fully prorated. So if it takes us 10 minutes to review what you've worked on, you pay for 10 minutes. This extra revision process can cut the overall time by about a third.

Can you write the essay for me?
We could, but we won't. We exist to teach people the skills they need to succeed in life. Writing and effective communication skills are among the most important, and so we use the college essay to teach and hone these skills in our students.

When should I get started?
If you're a senior, you should get started right now. If you're a junior, you can also get started now and then be finished early. The most important thing to note is, you cannot wait until late October to start writing the essay for the November 1st deadline. This process will take time, and the time it takes is necessary and valuable. And we will not write the essay for you no matter how desperate you make yourself. So get started early (September is a good time, or the summer before your senior year).

Stand out. Get in.